Introducing our new website

Introducing our new website

May 3, 2016

We’ve been running for 2 and a half years and we’ve just completed our third website iteration. Does that seem often? It might, but it’s not.

One of the key messages we try to share with our clients is the thought of re-aligning rather than redesigning; small iterations of a website cost less and maintain more momentum for your brand over time than allowing your website to go stale. Once it has reached a state of stagnation, it is unlikely to generate business and will cost a greater amount to redevelop.

Part of the drive for re-aligning our website comes from our desire to showcase our talent and value to customers. Shouldn’t a company that offers a business service be the best it can itself? We’ve spent a lot of time and effort exploring the motivations of those visiting our website so we can cater for their needs: prove we are good at what we do; who we are as a company; visibility on how we can help.

With those points in mind, we have focused our website around our work and journal, both of which serve to highlight the capabilities we have within the company. The journey one takes through the website is concentrated on providing value and options; you can choose to view more work or journal articles, while the footer contains a link to the contact page making the next step quick and simple.

This simplicity was key for us, and we wanted the website to reflect it not just in performance, but also in style, hence the cleaner design. A cleaner style allows our work to stand out, as well highlight key phrases or features that might otherwise get lost within a more visual design. The site, as does all of our work, incorporates a responsive web design that ensures the site looks great on all devices. This is imperative in this day and age, with the ever increasing requirement for quick and pertinent information.

Speed is also something we have focussed on; achieving results well into the 90s on Google’s page speed insights. This is a key factor for organic rankings on Google, who are looking to deliver results that provide a good user experience, of which speed is part. This focus on search experience optimisation is one of the reasons that we can compete against more established digital agencies in our location.

We have also expanded on our capabilities page, although we have aimed to keep this at a high level. The aim here was to highlight our approach to our work: we don’t really offer services that you can purchase, rather preferring to work alongside our clients and help build their brand online. This collaborative approach got us thinking about how we can portray our internal processes rather than off the shelf solutions.

Finally, we went for an ‘explore’ section that highlights some of our capabilities in more detail and provides specific work and journal posts that show our level of expertise in these areas. Again, this is aimed at providing people with a high level of detail without swamping them. You are invited to peruse further into the website, but the conversion (being the contact button) is always readily available.

Jump onto the menu, have a look around and please do let us know what you think, or indeed if you have any questions; we would love to hear from you.

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