Crux Product Design

Crux Product Design

September 12, 2016

As the designers of the Olympic cycling helmet, Crux Product Design wanted a website that maintained the same efficiency and quality of detail as their engineering projects.

Expanding on the content management platform that Corvita built for them last year, Crux wanted to showcase more of their work as the upcoming Olympics in Rio were approching. The software development foundation that Corvita has already put in place has allowed Crux to react quickly to their fast-paced marketplace, and the content management system ensures they can quickly publish updates to their portfolio and blog.

Invited for feedback on the project, Oliver Needham shared the following:

"Corvita were selected fairly early in the process as their flexibility, extensive knowledge and experience were key to achieving our vision for our website. Corvita balance an appreciation for visually impactful web design, with a deep understanding of the more technical elements which make a website work smoothly behind the scenes."

"Our website now has the look, feel and functionality of a professional, contemporary and established company. Our clients’ impression of our quality of work has improved as a result and we have stepped up our overall online presence. The site stands as a much stronger representation of what we offer as a creative entity. This serves as a useful marketing tool to seek new business as well as a positive reflection of our growth as a company."

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