Conversion Rate Optimisation

Digital marketing goes above and beyond simply building a website with a nice web design and hoping that people will visit. It is about driving people to your site and seeing them perform against specific business goals that turns a website into a true business marketing tool. With a few tweaks, you can realign your existing digital assets to become an active part of your overall marketing strategy.

We can audit your digital assets and provide a variety of tests that ensure you get the most out of your brand online. We work with Google Analytics to track and improve your website. Data is more than numbers, when you pull it all together and use the information to create a bigger picture of how people are interacting with your brand online, you can create the business insight that drives your company to the next level.

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October 21, 2015

Bounce rate is a really useful metric for measuring the performance of the content on your website, however it can also be very misleading. We run through why we adjusted it on our site, and what that means for our analytical data.

August 21, 2015

A website is nothing without due thought and diligence. We have run through why having the right process in place can help turn an adequate website into a brilliant one, but conversion rate optimisation takes this to the next level. It is our firm belief that websites should evolve and realign themselves as your business needs realign themselves.

November 3, 2014

We have recently updated our own website and as part of the process of the rebuild, we run the new site through Google's PageSpeed Insights in order to get the site running as efficiently as possible, and in order to get the highest number we can. We continue to learn a few things on the way, and this guide will outline some of the steps we took to ensure our load speed was as quick as possible.

June 20, 2014

I suppose it sounds like we are doing ourselves out of business, but that is to take the title of this post too literally. In this instance we are asking you to consider whether you need to invest heavily in a new website, or whether the website you currently have just needs realigning with your current marketing goals?

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