We do what we love for a living, and we love living for digital.

You're not just buying a solution from us, you're engaging in a long term relationship. How much of an involvement we have is up to you, but we can give more if we're emotionally invested in your business.

We don't want to churn out project after project though, we want to help you build your business empire. We want you to love what we do, and we want our work to foster a desire in you to share our name.

We've built our reputation on great customer service; design and development with a human touch.

We make web applications that are easy to use, look great and function brilliantly.

A software development and digital agency based in Bath, England.

Shipping a generic content management system won't solve your problem; it's the equivalent of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. We prefer to build you a square hole for your square peg, which, as your company evolves over time, is able to adapt.

Every system we build is unique, and tailored to the challenges you face as a business. We don't believe in providing off-the-shelf content management systems with a lot of fluff that try to be everything to everyone.

What else sets us apart from the rest? We don't think like programmers! Our process is built around providing software for humans: a system should fit like a glove, not a box that distorts your hand and remains rigid and uncompromising.

"Our goal is not just to deliver a fantastic user experience, a beautiful design or cutting edge software development, it is to deliver a solution that will help a business grow."

Edward Kerr, Founder

Our brand values


Relationships are our number one priority - we love working with awesome people. We want to work with those who help us grow as individuals and not just line our pockets. For us, our achievements are measured by the size of the smile on our clients faces.


We are individuals who love thinking creatively, and challenging the considered norm. That could be in how the web can provide for your business or right down deep in the code we write. We want to come up with questions to answers you hadn’t considered.


Brilliant aesthetics. Brilliant functionality. Brilliant user experience. Brilliantly executed. Above all, we strive to continue growing and get better at everything we do, so that your digital face can be brilliant too.